A Reflection’s Canticle

“God has her own reality. She makes an outline on my unreality”

I am a reflection of god. Light above me and surface of the pond gave me a chance to exist. I followed god wherever she moved. 

There were times when gravels thrown to the pond and made some ripples. But I was never afraid. They wouldn’t make me sink. Precisely, the gravels would.

Sometimes fish and leaves swam across me. They messed my image up, but I never worried. Surface of the pond would make a deal with gravity. I would be ok. Otherwise, as a reflection, I know that I was untouchable.

I know god always taking care of herself, so her reflection would be taken care as well. I followed her wherever she moved. I stick to her like her conjoined twin mate. One day, she whispered to me,

“If your being is empty like a hole, I’ll make it as a whole …”



Karen mengatakan…
Keren De!! Sukaaaa!!!
Sundea mengatakan…
Woaaa ... terimakasih, ya, Kay ... =)
Anonim mengatakan…
“If your being is empty like a hole, I’ll make it as a whole …” << suka banget bagian ini kaaa >.<
Sundea mengatakan…
Makasih, ya, Jo =)